All current applications and reviews are posted here to ensure transparency and increase awareness.

file a letter of intent

Fill out Applications

Please complete the appropriate application for the service or technology you propose to add. CTAAB review criteria can be found on our web site on our Process Page. If you wish to submit an application for new technology or a major capital expenditure please utilize the appropriate application. All applications can be submitted here through the website. The text boxes in this application allow for unlimited text, however if you require additional room or wish to provide supporting documentation you may upload additional files with this application.  (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete the form.)

Completed applications can be mailed to:

  • Community Technology Assessment Advisory Board
  • C/o Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency
  • 1150 University Avenue, Building 5
  • Rochester, New York 14607

Please direct any questions or concerns to the CTAAB staff director at or 585-224-3114.