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2008 Annual Report

In 2008 the Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency’s Health System 2020 Commission brought new collaboration to health planning in the region with its consideration of Certificate of Need applications for projects for major modernization and new inpatient beds in Monroe County. CTAAB will work in concert with the new 2020 Performance Commission overseeing implementation of its Community Investment recommendations; CTAAB will review technology proposals and requests for additional capacity in light of the Commission’s and the community’s goal for a high performance health system in the region.

CTAAB has continued to improve its own process. In 2008 the composition of the board was reviewed and expanded to further ensure its community-based nature and diversity of membership. We invite community participation in the process. As technology continues to develop and to shape health care, CTAAB will continue to contribute to the area’s commitment to value, affordability, and quality through cooperation.

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