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2009 Annual Report

In 2009 the Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency convened the 2020 Performance Commission to carry out the 2020 Commission’s Community Investment Recommendations. The Performance Commission’s purpose is to engage stakeholders in a process that will result in community initiatives and requisite investments to reduce demand for inpatient care and eliminate disparities in health status across the region. Work groups have been established to: reduce low‚Äźacuity visits to Emergency Departments (EDs), reduce preventable hospitalizations, and develop integrated strategies to ensure the continued viability of the community hospitals in the region and to improve the adequacy and access to health care services for the residents of those communities. CTAAB works in concert with the Performance Commission; CTAAB will review technology proposals and requests for additional capacity mindful of the Commission’s goals. For example, requests for ED capacity will be considered in light of the efforts of the Commission’s ED Work Group.

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