All current applications and reviews are posted here to ensure transparency and increase awareness.

Recent Applications

Project Date Proposal Status / Final Outcome
7/1/1995 Excimer Laser for Phototherapeutic Keratectomy

With FDA approval of the Summit Excimer Laser, CTAAB found that this laser performs well, and for some patients, avoids a corneal transplant.

Only one unit is needed; volume of procedures expected to be very small.

6/1/1995 Ultrasonic Bone Fracture Healing Device

This technology uses ultrasound to hasten healing of certain fractures, but benefits do not justify cost.

No need for this device.

4/1/1995 PET Rubidium 87 Studies of the Coronary Arteries

CTAAB compared PET to SPECT and coronary angiography and found that PET provides useful data, but SPECT provides same data at lower cost.

No need for PET to study coronary artery status.

3/1/1995 Varicella Vaccine

Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices supports universal vaccine.

Vaccine should be made available to adolescents and young adults at risk for chicken pox.

2/1/1995 Cryo-Surgical Ablation of the Prostate

Very little published literature supports the use of this technique, although early reports are promising.

Upheld previous finding (1994): effectiveness of procedure unknown.

1/1/1995 Mobile Lithotripsy

Lithotripters destroy kidney stones; a mobile unit can travel between hospitals. The lithotripsy unit already located in Rochester is under-utilized and scheduled for upgrading to become state-of-the-art like the one proposed.

No need for an additional unit in the region.

5/1/1994 Open MRI

his is a very low field strength MRI, housed inside an open structure, enabling easier viewing of very large or claustrophobic patients. Reliability of testing is questionable. Technique not preferred, except in extreme situations. There is at least one MRI locally that can accommodate most patients who cannot tolerate conventional MRI. The few patients who can only use Open MRI can travel to sites in Buffalo and Syracuse.

No need for an additional MRI unit in the region.

3/1/1994 Universal Hepatitis B Vaccine For Adolescents

Because the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control were different, CTAAB agreed to review the issue and make a recommendation.

CTAAB recommended following the guidelines developed by the CDC which endorsed selective immunization of high risk persons and universal immunization of infants.

2/1/1994 Radiation Oncology in the Finger Lakes

CTAAB received two proposals to increase the number of radiation oncology treatments centers in the Finger Lakes. The proposed centers would be less than 12 miles apart.

With help from Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency, CTAAB found that one unit could be justified, based on evidence provided and utilization standards defining need. CTAAB recommended one of the two units be supported, and that it be the least costly one.

1/1/1994 Cryosurgical Ablation of the Prostate

Alternative treatment for prostate cancer, using technology that freezes cancerous tissue to render it inert.

Although the treatment holds promise, the published literature on the safety and effectiveness of this is insufficient. CTAAB recommended no need for this.