All current applications and reviews are posted here to ensure transparency and increase awareness.

Recent Applications

Project Date Proposal Status / Final Outcome
8/1/2007 Radiologists of the U of R - PET/CT

Radiologists of the University of Rochester propose to use the PET-CT at Science Park on a full-time basis.

CTAAB concluded there is need for recognition of the full-time use of the PET-CT:

  • Although there is not community need for additional PET capacity, the RUR unit is nearing full utilization of its “approved” capacity of 0.6 full-time-equivalent use; and
  • With consideration of the machine’s use for research applications, movement to “full-time” use represents minimal expansion of capacity.
8/1/2007 Geneva General Hospital - MRI

Geneva General Hospital proposes to replace a 1.5T mobile MRI with a 1.5T fixed MRI.

CTAAB concluded there is need for the proposed MRI:

  • The change from a mobile to a fixed unit will afford improvements in quality; and
  • MRI ownership will enable greater scheduling flexibility and extended coverage, as needed, and thus improve access.
  • Anticipated project completion date is within one year of approval of the Certificate of Need application.
7/1/2007 Finger Lakes Radiology - MRI

Finger Lakes Radiology proposes to purchase a 1.5T MRI and make it a fixed unit in Geneva General Hospital 

Application was withdrawn.

7/1/2007 University Medical Imaging - MRI

University Medical Imaging proposes to purchase and install a fourth MRI, which will be a 3T.

CTAAB concluded there is need for the 3.0 Tesla MRI:

  • Although there is not a current community-wide need for additional MRI capacity, UMI is operating its MRIs significantly above CTAAB’s benchmark for scanner utilization;
  • The 3.0T MRI currently available in the community is fully utilized; and
  • Given UMI’s overall MRI volume, it is reasonable to add a specialized scanner to its mix of capabilities when adding incremental capacity.
  • Anticipated project completion date is March 2008
6/1/2007 Strong Memorial Hospital - Extension Clinic

Strong Memorial Hospital proposes to add an extension clinic certified for outpatient medical oncology infusion services at Highland Hospital; this clinic would consolidate the Highland Hospital infusion center within the Wilmot Cancer Center and would expand the services at the Highland Hospital site.

CTAAB concluded there is need for the proposed outpatient medical infusion center at Highland Hospital :

  • Cancer chemotherapy volume continues to increase;
  • The change in auspice will enable qualification for 340b “best federal price” purchase of pharmaceuticals;
  • Anticipated operational date is third quarter 2008.
5/1/2007 Strong Memorial Hospital - Linear Accelerator

Strong Memorial Hospital proposes to add an incremental linear accelerator within the Wilmot Cancer Center 

CTAAB concluded there is need for the proposed radiosurgery linear accelerator:

  • Indications for radiosurgery are increasing;
  • Radiosurgery appears to be less costly than the alternative treatment (invasive surgery) for many tumors;
  • Radiosurgery permits treatment of some tumors that are otherwise not treatable;
  • Anticipated project completion date is the end of the calendar year 2008.
5/1/2007 United Memorial Medical Center - Diagnostic Center

United Memorial Medical Center proposes to construct an outpatient diagnostic radiology center and add a 40-slice CT scanner and ultrasound and EKG services at its Bank Street Campus (the former St. Jerome’s Hospital) in Batavia, Genesee County.

CTAAB concluded there is need for UMMC’s proposed 40-slice CT scanner:

  • Evidence supports institutional need despite the lack of community-wide need for an additional CT scanner;
  • The proposed CT scanner is technologically superior to the existing scanner and will improve quality of care;
  • UMMC received NYSDOH approval and HEAL funding for the proposal;
  • Anticipated operational date is second quarter 2008.
4/1/2007 F.F. Thompson - Sleep Center

Thompson Health proposes to expand its Sleep Center from two to four beds.

CTAAB concluded there is need for F.F. Thompson to expand its sleep beds, with the further proviso that physician availability be improved at the earliest possible time:

  • Thompson’s existing capacity is maximally used;
  • Wait times for services are up to six months;
  • Expansion will be completed within 180 days of the State’s approval of the certificate of need application.
4/1/2007 Rochester General Hospital - Linear Accelerator

Rochester General Hospital proposes to obtain an additional linear accelerator.

CTAAB concluded there is need for the proposed linear accelerator::

  • Rochester General Hospital ’s radiation therapy units are currently operating above benchmark volume levels, suggesting the need to increase capacity;
  • The project will decompress the medical oncology services, enhancing patient privacy;
  • The project will reduce wait times to initiate cancer treatment;
  • The project will increase capacity to relatively underserved portions of the city of Rochester and Monroe County;
  • The project will be sited at Linden Oaks; anticipated project completion date is June 2008.
4/1/2007 Elizabeth Wende - MRI

Elizabeth Wende Breast Clinic proposes to obtain a 1.5T MRI to replace the mobile unit currently in use part-time

CTAAB concluded there is need for the proposed fixed MRI unit:

  • General community MRI capacity is fully utilized; while other centers could provide the service, capacity to perform breast MRIs is presently limited;
  • Clinical indications for breast MRI are increasing;
  • Delay or lack of MRI appears to negatively impact the course of clinical care for some patients;
  • Operating cost of the proposed unit is similar to the operating cost of the present mobile arrangement;
  • The applicant states the MRI should be operational in the third quarter of 2007.