All current applications and reviews are posted here to ensure transparency and increase awareness.

Recent Applications

Project Date Proposal Status / Final Outcome
11/25/2008 Rochester General Hospital - Sleep Lab

Rochester General Hospital proposes to build a four-bed sleep lab on the RGH campus.  Newark Wayne Community Hospital proposes to a four-bed sleep lab on the NWCH campus.


10/29/2008 Sleep Insights - Sleep Lab

Sleep Insights proposes to add a second sleep center in Gates.

CTAAB concluded there is need for the six sleep beds:

  • There is an extensive wait time to obtain sleep consultations and diagnostic testing.
  • The occupancy rate at existing sleep facilities based on six nights of operation 50 weeks a year was over 95%.
10/6/2008 Nicholas Noyes Memorial Hospital - CT

Nicholas H. Noyes Memorial Hospital proposes to add at 16-slice CT scanner at the Livingston Health Services Extension.

 CTAAB concluded there is need for the CT scanner:

  • The current CT scanner is at or above its volume capacity.
  • Access to CT scanning will be improved with the placement of a unit in Geneseo.

Anticipated project operational date is six months after the certificate of need approval.

6/24/2008 F.F. Thompson - Expansion

F.F. Thompson proposes to expand and improve its laboratory, rehabilitation units, dietary facility, operating rooms, and ambulatory procedures unit.

 CTAAB concluded there is need for the proposed modernization:

  • The areas proposed for renovation do not meet contemporary quality standards.
  • The existing procedure rooms are operating at capacity, and the need for colonoscopies will increase as the population ages.

Anticipated project operational date is June 2012.

4/4/2008 Unity Hospital - Renovations

Unity Hospital proposes to construct and modernize its facility; certify 72 medical/surgical beds, seven intensive care unit beds, six coronary care unit beds, four physical medicine and rehabilitation beds, 19 traumatic brain injury beds, and two coma recovery beds; decertify a five psychiatric bed service; decertify four physical medicine and rehabilitation beds, 24 traumatic brain injury beds, and five coma recovery beds at St. Mary’s Campus.

Final Recommendation Made
1/11/2008 Rochester General Hospital - Renovations & CT

Rochester General Hospital proposes to undertake major modernization and renovation, including adding 36 net new medical/surgical beds and a 16-slice CT scanner.

Final Recommendation Made
1/1/2008 Highland Hospital - DaVinci

Highland Hospital proposes to purchase a daVinci robot.

CTAAB concluded there is a need for the proposed robot:

  • Highland Hospital does not have a robotic system.
  • Demand for this type of surgery will continue to grow.
  • The proposed unit will not add to community cost from a reimbursement perspective.
  • Quality of care is improved.
  • Anticipated project operational date is January 2009.
9/1/2007 Beverly Prince, MD - Sleep Lab

Beverly Prince, MD, (Warsaw ENT) proposes to build and operate a two-bed sleep lab.

Application was withdrawn.

9/1/2007 Geneva MRI - MRI

Geneva MRI proposes to provide mobile MRI service, followed by fixed magnet service, in Geneva, NY.

CTAAB concluded there is no need for the proposed MRI services. Community MRI capacity is sufficient to meet current and projected demand.

8/1/2007 Strong Memorial Hospital - ASC

Strong Memorial Hospital proposes to build an off-site hospital-based ambulatory surgery (outpatient) center.

CTAAB concluded there is need for the proposed ambulatory surgery center:

  • Although there is no community-wide need for additional operating room capacity, Strong Memorial Hospital (SMH) has demonstrated institution-specific need;
  • Development of hospital-sponsored capacity will maintain and may increase financial access to care;
  • The requirements of medical education and training and recruitment of physicians will be served by a hospital-sponsored ambulatory surgery center;
  • The ambulatory surgery center will be located on Sawgrass Drive; anticipated project completion date is April 2009 (assuming New York State Department of Health approval).