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Recent Applications

Project Date Proposal Status / Final Outcome
8/24/2018 University of Rochester Medical Center - Deployment of Mobile Stroke Unit

URMC proposes to deploy a Mobile Stroke Unit, with mobile CT scanner, to expedite stroke care in Rochester, NY.

CTAAB concluded that there is a need for the proposed mobile stroke unit.

  • The MSU does not create any additional risks for stroke patients.
  • The MSU has demonstrated positive impact on decreasing the time to delivery of tPA and increasing tPA administration rates.
  •  As the current funding source for the project is philanthropic, there is no recommendation related to cost at this time.
  • Although, clinical utility and cost to benefit ratios are unclear at this time, there is a reason to believe that patients will benefit from this technology and that it will improve outcomes and costs.
  • The recommendation is made with the understanding that this unit will be a community resource and utilization and transport data will be made publicly available.
4/13/2018 Brighton Surgery Center- Expansion and addition of surgical services

Brighton Surgery Center proposes the expansion of the two surgical suites and the addition of Ophthalmology surgical services. 

CTAAB concluded that there is a need for the proposed services

  • Additional operating rooms are required to accommodate commitments from community surgeons to perform surgery at this site;
  • The capital cost and scope of the project is relatively insignificant;
  • There is value in maintaining an independent, multi-specialty ASC for use by the physicians in the community; and
  • The applicant will achieve greater efficiency in scheduling with the additional rooms, increasing their availability to meet the needs of surgeons and patients in the community.
2/16/2018 Nicholas H. Noyes- Addition of New Services

Nicholas H. Noyes proposes to transition a PET/CT scanner operating at Science Park in Rochester, NY to support Ann and Carl Myers Cancer Center which serves the Southern Tier.

CTAAB concluded that there is a need for the proposed services

  • Added capacity will reduce travel time with limited incremental capital costs
  • Increased regional access with the potential to decrease scans completed in off hours
2/16/2018 Construction and Operation of Freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Center

Cornerstone Eye Surgery Center proposes to construct and operate a freestanding ambulatory surgical center provided single-specialty surgery in the discipline of Ophthalmology.

CTAAB concluded there is not a need for the proposed services. 

  • Current community freestanding ambulatory surgical capacity is sufficient to meet the needs of the community; 
  • Trends indicate growth in ASC utilization will not exceed Primetime and Extended-time Capacity within the next 5 years;
  • There is limited evidence to indicate that procedures done at a single-specialty ASC have better outcomes than those performed at a multi-specialty ASC.
1/18/2017 Clifton Springs - Renovation and Expansion

Clifton Springs Hospital proposes to co-locate medical services in efforts to create a medical village, Clifton Springs Medical Village. 

CTAAB concluded that there is a need for the proposed capacity

  • Results in no increase in inpatient capacity, of which there is significant excess in the community
  • Increasing outpatient capacity for the services aligns with current trends and community initiatives.
  • Represents an increase in geographical access for certain outpatient services that may result in higher utilization of preventative services, potentially decreasing the need for more acute care.
12/13/2016 RGH Tower Construction

Rochester General Hospital proposes the construction of a seven (7) story tower connected to the Northeast side of the existing hospital. This building will house 108 private patient rooms with Medica/Surgical and ICU beds, and a fourteen (14) bed neonatal unit that will include continuing, intermediate, and intensive care. In the new building there will also be a 20 private post-partum rooms.

CTAAB concluded that there is a need for the propose capacity

  • RGH demonstrates a need to modernize facilities as the current infrastructure was designed over 60 years ago.
  • There is no change in capacity to the hospital or community for various services.
  • Shift of services from double to single occupancy rooms may allow for higher occupancy rates, potentially reducing need for future bed expansions.
10/19/2016 SMH Bed Expansion

Strong Memorial Hospital proposes the addition of 40 medical/surgical beds.

CTAAB concluded that there is a need for the proposed capacity

  • The hospital has demonstrated 'institutional need' for medical/surgical beds
  • While the hospital demontrates a potential need for beds in the future there are several factors applying negative pressure on bed need
4/22/2016 Highland Hospital Operating Room (OR) Additions

Highland Hospital proposes to construct two (2) additional operating rooms and convert an existing OR into a hybrid OR

CTAAB concluded that there is a need for the proposed capacity

  • There is limited capacity within the community for inpatient surgical services
  • A regionally integrated delivery system will likely increase patient migration from outlying areas
  • There is increasing local demand from outlying areas for inpatient surgical services
  • The addition of vascular surgical services is needed to meet emerging demands
11/30/2015 PET / MRI and CT at SMH

UR Medicine Proposes to add an MRI with PET capabilities and a CT Scanner in order to enhance the advanced imaging capabilities of SMH and the Golisano Children's Hospital.

Based on the information available, CTAAB approved the incremental PET / MRI capacity based on the following considerations:

  • Regional Perinatal Center designation indicates institutional need for pediatric patients.
  • Gained efficiencies given the PET/MRI technology involves less radiation exposure than the PET/CT with equivalent diagnostic capabilities.
  • The added technology will limit the number of scans completed in off hours, decrease wait time and increase patient safety.

CTAAB also approved the incremental CT capacity based on the following considerations:

  • The added capacity will limit the number of scans completed in off hours and decrease wait times.
  • Site development in anticipation of future utilization is appropriate
  • Historical data indicate continued growth in the services provided by the institution
  • The transfer of outpatient capacity to the Outpatient Radiology Building will allow for more efficient workflows and positively impact patient accessibility.
6/1/2015 Golisano Children's Hospital Expansion

UR Medicine proposes to certify 8 PICU beds and construct 6 ORs, a procedure room and a pediatric catheterization laboratory.

CTAAB concluded there is a need for proposed capacity:

  • Current PICU volume exceeds the existing bed spaces. 
  • Current and projected surgical volume justifies the proposed number of pediatric-specific OR and procedure spaces.
  • This proposal would have the effect of minimally adding to adult OR capacity
  • Expansion of pediatric capacity may result in increased pediatric volume, including care for some patients that are currently referred out-of-region for specialty care.
  • This project will likely have a neutral effect on patient care cost per admission or procedure.
  • The proposed project has the potential to improve quality of care for patients and their families.